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Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB OC Micron Memory 30+ Mh/s

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I just finished BUILDING a rig with 6x Sapphire Nitro (non plus) OC RX 480 8GB with Micron memory.. my first thoughts was that it was nothing i can do and the best thing is to send them back.. BUT after some researches i came up with something nice. The other components can be found here:

There is a new Polaris Bios Editor that can show the timings correctly for Micron / Elpida memory, here is the link:

I also found on Ethereum’s forum this thread and another thread on bitcointalk’s forum from where have god very useful information about the timings and few more other things..

Here the exact card that i am using in this tutorial, use as reference the code 11260-20-20G



  • 1202 MHz Engine Clock; 1306 MHz boost Engine Clock
  • 256 Bit Memory bus; GDDR5 Memory Type
  • 1750 MHz, 7000 MHz effective
  • 1 x DVI-D; 2 x HDMI 2.0b; 2 x DisplayPort 1.4

Here are my results

Ethereum: 30.2 Mh/s per card ; 181.5 Mh/s per rig

Decred: 900 Mh/s per card ; 5,400 Mh/s per rig

However the hasrhate looks very impressive, i had some problems with the stability for four cards and i had to find the sweet spot for hashrate and power consumption.

The best i could get is 29.5 Mh/s for Ethereum and 885 Mh/s for Decred, which is very impressive for Micron.. and with 90w power consumption according to GPU-Z

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Ok, enough with the bla bla :), here is what you should do!

Sapphire Nitro (non plus) OC RX 480 8GB Micron Memory BIOS Mod and Flash

What i am using

1 Preparing the RIG, GPUs and Windows

  • If you had different driver versions installed instead on 16.9.1, use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the current AMD Driver (use safe mode option) and then install the 16.9.1 one
  • Make sure you stop Sapphire Trixx, MSI Afterburner, Watttool or anything else related to overclock.. to start on windows boot, also reset to defaults clocks settings
  • Shutdown the rig and connect only one GPU (remove the gpus from PCI-e slots and leave only one connected with the 16 pci-e slot), we will be doing one gpu at a time, highly recommended
  • Power on the rig
2 Backup Original Bios

  • Extract atiflash to C:\atiflash
  • Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
  • Click Save button to backup the bios, give it a name like RX4808GBOCnonplusOriginal.rom, also you can create a separate folder for each card using the product numer like “14523” (check bottom of GPU and Box), in this way you will know from where to get the bios for each card
  • Close atiflash
3 Flash Modded Bios ROM

  • First download the modified BIOS from here (thanks to doktor83) :!QkhlEYZY!Q0pnpIIatV1PbNM6KbzPFAvlfdXDYKyGTpyVoPj2ytE
  • Copy the ROM to C:\atiflash folder
  • Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
  • Click Load Image and select the rom you just copied to atiflash root folder
  • Click Program button and wait for about 1 minute
  • Restart the rig when finishes to program the BIOS
  • Test the new BIOS with claymore on ethereum only using -benchmark 1, then test it with dual mining without -benchmark 1
  • Repeat the same process with all the GPUs

Before to continue further, please share this πŸ™‚ thanks!

Here are my final results with 1140/2080 clocks, i will update this post with the stability or if any other modification were applied.

Let me know how this worked for you!

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Sim

    Wow! Thanks again for these posts!
    Can be possible mod/overclock the other Micron (example RX470/480 4GB)?
    Have you info about the modified BIOS from doktor83? (I’m referring to the differences from the original BIOS)

    • Mostly timings.. then are some fans settings for auto control on temps..

      • Sim

        Thanks @ciprianpt:disqus
        Can be these changes reproduced to other Micron version, as 470/480 4/8GB OC/not-OC ?

        • Hi, yes it could be.. but the best is to manually copy the differences.. not using this bios to a 4gb card or something like that.

  • Vudy

    Have you been thinking about 8 GPU test with 7 gpu MSI board + M.2 M to PCI adapter slot? Would be great to know more about that potential.

    • flavio

      i’ve tried it. no way…..

      • Vudy

        Thank you! Better if i give it up then. πŸ˜›

        • flavio

          i think some bios tweak should be done by msi to get m.2 port works… but they aren’t wasting time on a near end of life motherboard…..

    • I also don’t recommend it πŸ™‚

  • mdetrini

    I noticed that there is an MSI RX580 now, does the Bios ROM mod work for this new card?

    • There are some speculations on forums but i cannot guarantee that, i did not made any test yet. I am waiting for the cards to arrive and will test one by one πŸ™‚

  • byoris

    do you connect more than 1 gpu with 1 string of the vga/pci express cable?

    • yes, i have cables with two GPUs attached.. not a single problem with that.

      • byoris

        but you are using those asrock btc mobos, im planning to use the msi for 7 gpu, and im afraid that if i connect more than 1 gpu per pci express line it will get fried, same thing with the risers :/

        • If you have powered risers then the mobo will be just fine, no worries πŸ™‚

  • Almir Fiorio

    You have the tutorial for Elpida memmory ???? my GPU sapphire RX 480 Nitro (not nitro+) with 4gb with elpida memory

  • Jackson

    Hello, is it possible to convert RX 480 nitro + 4GB to 8GB? With elpida Vram… In the box came the 4gb adhesive glued over the 8gb.

  • LΓ‘Zy BΓΈΓ¬

    so i did successfully flashed iam getting 30.xx in Single mining Ethereum in dual mining i,e ETHEREUM 24-25 PLUS PASCAL (450-480) however my card crashes once in 5-10 mins especially while opening VIDEOS or watching youtube it says “SYSTEM TDR FAILURE” and “ATIKMPAG.SYS” what do i do ?

  • Sim

    Hello @ciprianpt:disqus … quick question… πŸ™‚
    In case of MainBoard without PCIe 16x but only PCIe 8x is possible to backup/flash (atiflash) with Riser USB? …sure, one GPU at a time!

    • But you will have to flash the cards one by one, so the only one gpu connected with risers should be plugged in 16x slot.

      • Sim

        But in case of old MainBoard without 16x?
        I’ve idea of use this old MB with 3 PCIe 8x and without 16x
        Is it possible to flash with a riser?

        • Yes it will work, i always flash my cards with riser attached πŸ™‚

  • Aaron Jackson

    hello, i just gave your custom bios a try. I downgraded to your same driver version but when i start mining it crashes within 2-3 minutes as someone else described. Same card with micron memory. Any suggestions?

    • Renzo chavez

      The same thing happens to me! And blue squares appear all over the screen and then collapse

    • It’s because one or more GPU cannot handle the overclock, find what card is crashing and lower memory or increase power.

  • securebitven

    hi,I flashed my 6 gpu and the speed is 30.291 mh/s (really nice). but when install 6 gpus together each gpu speed is 15.400 mh/s. what should I do?

    • Hmm.. try to test by adding one by one and find what card is failing, once found, connect all 5 cards and check if those works correctly, if everything is good try again to test alone the failing gpu.

  • tagalupa

    can i use this mod for sapphire nitro non plus rx 470 8gig

    • Nope, but you can compare the differences and modify a copy of your bios and then flash it πŸ™‚ let me know if that works!

  • Pablo

    Sapphire Nitro RX 480 oc JUST flashed… 0mh/s… I uninstalled and reinstall drivers, and the same…

    • hmm.. what have you tried to lower memory clock to 2080 ?

      • Pablo

        0mhs without any overclock. Afterburner recognize the gpu but doesn’t let me change any slider.

        • What is your driver version ?

          • Pablo


          • did you had other versions installed ?

          • Pablo

            Yep. 15.12. But before I tried this bios I uninstalled it with DDU.

          • not really sure what to say.. maybe the card have some really bad chips ? this one worked for me perfect :/

      • Pablo

        any ideas? thanks in advance!

  • Thomas Lendl

    does this bios run with ethos 1.2.1 or is there a problem with the driver?

    • This should run just fine..

    • Thomas Lendl

      this bios is a masterpiece! works great with ethOS

  • Cesar B

    Are these model number 100406NT8GOCL, I just bought some from new egg and it seems they’re the only ones that sell that model from what I could find.

  • alex o’

    Hi, interesting experiment πŸ™‚ Question though, from your experience – how problematic to deal with nitro non plus vs nitro+?
    Say, nitro+ 470/480 is out of stock almost everywhere. There are, though, Nitro+ 580 for 230 and Nitro (non plus) – RX470 for 185 and RX480 for 210. What would you recommend? Does dual BIOS is such a big plus? Or there are bigger chance to get bad/slow memory with non-plus too?

    • Yes, with the Nitro+ you have the guarantee that you get memory like Samsung or Hynix, at least this is how it was for me.. all nitro+ were samsung and nitro non plus micron :/

      • alex o’

        btw: nitro 470 4g OC – A1716 – Hynix! Uhhu

        • Cesar B

          I just got the nitro 480 8GB OC-11260-20-20G-A1716. any suggestions on how to get the best results for Ethereum?

  • Sup

    I just bought 14 Radeon RX 480 NITRO+ 8GB model number 11260-01-20G

    Do you have a bios rom for these or a tutorial on how to mess with them or the timings??

  • Yuchen Feng

    Hi, I am just wondering where can I BUY those metal stands for setup?

  • TheCitizensColumn

    What are your thoughts if I paid you for the service of setting this rig up. I’ll buy all the parts necessary and you have it ready for plug n play and ship back to me?

    • I did that before locally in my country only but i guess we can work this way πŸ™‚

  • Sim

    Hello Ciprian,
    how to “fix/repair” these GPU in case of fault of bios upgrade?
    These aren’t without switch/silent mode….
    How to know if the GPU is with switch? (only Plus+ model?)

    • Yes, only Nitro+ have the dual bios function and also XFX cards have it.

  • Fissu Secs

    My congratulations and many thanks. There was a time I tried to do this and I did not find it; You were my guardian angel.

    But I had a little problem …

    I have 3 Sapphires, I did the procedure with two GPUs of that model. In the third GPU some kind of error happens. AMD Driver crashes and stops running.

    If you can help me, I thank you.

    • For this card you will have to lower the memory go with 2100 or 2080 , find the best spot πŸ™‚

      • Fissu Secs

        Even reducing the memory clock and core clock, the same errors happen: AMD driver failure, green pixels all over the screen…

        • try 1150/2050 , increase power limit to 25% and then try to slowly increase the memory clock..

  • Diane Tran

    Can you please add a bios for a the non micron version of Sapphire RX 480 8gb Nitro(Non+)

    • Can you send the rom please? what memory has, Elpida?

  • Christian Ulirsch

    Will this work for ASUS Rx 480 8 gb?

    • No, sorry.. but you can manually do the modifications (timings) on your original rom.. maybe it will work..

  • Nathan Davis

    Whats up with the rom being 256kb ? All mine are 512kb. I have flashed cards thru command prompt before to force the flash. Just wondering what causes them to be different?

  • Andre Suganda

    Can we talk via email? Or any else? Line? BBM? I ‘luckily’ buy 5 saphire rx480 8gb and all of it was micron. I wanna send my original rom.

  • Brian Elizondo

    Hello…Excellent tutorial! I have two gpu Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 4GB (11260-02-20g). I want to update the bios but I can not find the bios for that gpu and what would be the clock/memory speeds. Do you have any publications that indicate all the information? Thank you

  • Nguyen Vu Minh Thien

    Do you have best bios moded for Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4GB (Ram Samsung) ? Please help me send it

    • Hi, do i don’t, backup yours and send it to me.. ill modify it.

  • Dmitri Fedorov

    hey guys. thanks for the bios. i have a question about the modded(doc83’s) bios – med temp is 45, high temp is 56, max temp is 73. And in MSI Afterburn i can see the max temp limit is 65. Of course after my cards reach 65c – reboot. But the original bios – med temp is 65, high temp is 85 and the max temp is 109. Any suggestions ? Thanks

  • Ali Saud

    Thank you
    will this work for = Sapphire Radeon NITRO Rx 480 8GB GDDR5 Dual HDMI / DVI-D / Dual DP OC w/ Back Plate (UEFI) PCI-E Graphics Card Graphic Cards 11260-20-20G ?

    • Yes and no, this is Nitro (non plus) and for sure this will have Micron memory, how ever i already posted a tutorial to make them work good. Try to find Nitro+ version.

  • Horaciux

    Hello, I’m so confused. I was trying to read all in a few days but didn’t notice time stamp of post and replies was not in order. So I’m not sure for today if Micron memory should be avoided or is it ok like every one else. Also, the non plus version is ok? I don’t remember the reason nitro plus version should be chosen. Thanks

  • Horaciux

    Another question, do all GPU need to be identical? or is it possible to mix 470, 470 plus, 480 plus, 4gb and 8gb in any combination? thanks

    • Is better not to mix them, to have the same cloks and settings for everything.. but yeah you can do that way πŸ™‚

  • Cesar B

    going through the settings of the modified BIOS with Polaris I noticed that under GPU for the 1144 MHz the voltage is only 925 mV, is that right or should it be 65288 mV? I’m new at this so excuse my lack of knowledge. I decided to take a look because all my cards where basically in a race to see which one could crash first and bring the whole rig down with it. Do I have to use Driver version 16.9.1 or will this work on the latest version of the drivers 17.4.3?

  • modernminer

    I’m running EthOS, flashed both ROMs I found on here for the Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB OC (Micron) x5 and the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB OC (Samsung) x2.

    I’m pulling around 1250W from the wall and an overall hash rate of 191 MH/s, is this acceptable or is something wrong? I feel i’m pulling too much power from the wall for some reason.

    Also, my clock speeds for the Micro units are 1044/2150 and 1000/2150 for the Samsung units… the amount of incorrect ETH shares i’m getting is pretty high, around 200+ spread over all the cards in around a 9 hour period.

    Any ideas? This is my first rig and I have no idea what I am doing πŸ™‚

    • Hi, since you are not on dual mining then yeah.. power usage is a bit high..

      • modernminer

        Hi, what would reduce the overall power consumption the most? Just tweaking the clocks? I’m new to all of this so I don’t touch the memory timings, just the core and memory clocks through Claymore on ethOS and MSI Afterburner/Trixx/WattTool on Windows. I believe those numbers may be while dual-mining with DCR but I am not 100% sure.

  • Francisco

    Hi, How can I manually mod the bios to get the one you published? I use your Modified BIOS and in 2150 I got green stripes and blue screen. Lower the memory frequency to 2050 and also get green streaks. What can I do for this does not happen?

    • I was able to get the rig stable at 2080, but also 2050 should be ok like 1150/2050 or lower, looks like you have bad chips on that card πŸ™ lower memory till it gets stable.. also try to increase power limit to 10,20,30 or 50.. make more tests.

  • Nguyen Vu Minh Thien

    Do you have Best Bios moded RX480 Sapphire 4GB OC (NON PLUS) Ram Samsung. Please give me

  • Cristian

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I just flashed my card but caymore is not detecting it anymore: I got this error:

    No AMD cards in the list.
    No AMD OPENCL or NVIDIA CUDA GPUs found, exit

    Can you please help me to fix it?

    Thanks again

  • Eren Δ°lker

    Hi, thank you for the awesome bios. I use Claymore and Ethereum&Decred. I have 32 GPU Sapphire RX 480 Nitro OC 8GB. I flashed my cards with your bios. There is no problem for 24 GPUs(8 PC, 4GPU for each one) but i have errors with other [8 GPUs(2 PC, 4GPU for each one)]

    My errors are:

    (GPU#3(or another GPU) got incorrect share. If you see this warning often, make sure you overclock it too much!)

    (WATCHDOG: GPU 3(or another GPU) hangs in OpenCL call, exit restarting OK, exit…)

    Can you please help me to fix it ?

    Thank you so much.

    • Lower memory clock for those cards like 2125,2100 or 2080

  • Cristian

    Can you please help me to flash Sapphire RX 480 Nitro 8GB? Already tested those bios but the card is crashing. Thanks

    • Lower memory clock..

      • Cristian

        Thanks for reply πŸ™‚ I will try that

  • george

    Hi Ciprian, thanks for this guide. I’ve successfully flashed all 6 GPUs (nonplus) in Windows and went back to ethOS after that, using the same config. At the beginning I had about 10MH/s total increase over all cards together, which is about 1,5 per GPU. After some minutes one card went a bit higher and stopped mining. Tried restarting but the same happened, and in the morning I now see the 5 other cards mining at 14MH/s… What am I doing wrong?

    • try lowering memclock to 2100 or 2080.. try different values!

      • george

        Did exactly that in ethOS, lowered to 2100 and now the all run stable. but only at about 24.5.. far from 30. When I tried mining in Windows they all run at 30+ but probably very unstable as I only got invalid shares.

  • Mohammad

    Can I flash it to my ASUS RX 480 STRIX 8GB aslo ?

    • nope :/ need to modify your asus’s original bios..

  • Stefan

    Hello, i have 7 cards of sapphire nitro rx 470 oc 8gb with micron ram.
    can you show me which timings you copied? or is there any download for my rx 470? thanks

    • Hello Stefan, try copying 1750 to higher..

  • Grant Southey

    Do you by any chance have a bios for Nitro+ RX580 micron?

    • No, but we can sort it out.. send me a copy of the original BIOS, make the backup with ATIflash. thanks!

      • Grant Southey

        Thanks for the offer. It was strange. Seems Windows defaults to Micron on GPU-Z when the dvi isn’t connected to the card – the second you plug it in, it detects as Hynix.. it is however the 256k bios version.. got one of those – should I send the original?

        I am using the one supplied by one of the other guys in the thread, but can’t push the card as far as I can on the 512k bios. May have something to do with it being a 6 card vs. The 2 card rig. (6 card has a 1600w psu titanium – wanted to go 8 card :))

  • Rebel

    HI Ciprian,
    I upgrade bios with above shared bios and now my Graphic card and windows is crashing. I am new to mining so you mean to say keep the same bios and change memory and gpu clock.

  • Gustavo Hidalgo

    This bios work with samsum memory ?

  • Andreas Engel

    hello Ciprian,
    at first, thx for your how too!
    i have the same card and flash it like you, but after reeboot the 480er is not recognized. It seems to be a general problem since my Red Devil is not recognized with a Mod Bios. do you have any idea??

    • hi, if you use latest drivers will need to apply the ati pixel patch to recognise them

      • Andreas Engel

        awsome! it works πŸ™‚ thx!

  • Oscar Marquez

    I just flashed the bios in my card (I’m new to this by the way, just one card in my pc trying to figure this out) when it begins, it says the speed is 28 mh/s but then it changes to 0 and keeps like that, and restarting, once in a while it goes back to 28 but I’ve not seen any shared accepted (only once with original bios but it was at 23 mh/s) I’m a real noob so need explanation on this with apples and oranges πŸ™‚ I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

    • Andreas Engel

      the card (Memory) is not rockstbl, so it brake up and start again. i have the same prob…
      i tested since 10hours for the best settings, but actualy i didnΒ΄t find them. i dont now, if its better to slow down the mem voltage or rise up. with Mem settings 2000Mhz/950V i get the message: “got incorrect share. if you see often, make sure did not overclock too much”

      sorry for my bad english πŸ˜‰

  • Oscar Marquez

    My card keeps getting disabled by Windows after a couple hours mining, does anybody knows how to fix this?

  • Raul Noguera

    hello ciprian. i need original bios of this moddel, can you help me?

  • Sebastian Ramirez

    hello your cards have dual bios? I have 2 rx480 cards with micron memory but they do not have dual bios and I would like to know if there is no risk of damaging the card if it does not have dual bios?

  • Sebastian Ramirez

    hello perform all the procedure to the letter and when running the miner shows me the speed of the MH / s which is about 60 since I have 2 rx480 micron memory but it does not show accepted shares and no other information by can be thanks for your help.

  • Sebastian Ramirez

    Good day, because when I put -benchmark 1 I up the speed to 30 MH / s per card but it does not connect me to the pool, but I remove the -benchmark 1 and the low speed to 21 MH / s and if it connects to the pool?

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