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ATB Coin Review

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What if Bitcoin was faster and had cheaper transactions? Recent Bitcoin scalability issues and the subsequent fork show that Bitcoin is still far from being a flawless cryptocurrency. Work is in progress and we see the positive results, however there is still a long way ahead.

ATB Coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve all those issues and consequently become the next-gen Bitcoin.

What Makes ATB Coin Interesting

People often refer to Bitcoin as a “currency of the future” or “technological breakthrough”. They are indeed right since one of the most exciting things about Bitcoin is the technology that backs it up. The idea of a financial system based on a decentralized blockchain is groundbreaking.

Now, according to its developers, ATB Coin is one step ahead of Bitcoin technology-wise. This allows this cryptocurrency to be faster, safer and have cheaper transactions than its former counterpart.

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Here are some of the benefits:

  • Virtually no transactions per second (tps) limit. ATB Coin POS architecture allows it to handle millions transactions per second without any issues. To put this in perspective, VISA has a tps limit of 4,000, while Bitcoin could handle only up to 7 tps before last update.
  • Double Security. ATB Coin enjoys two levels of encryption security, which are ECDSA and SHA-256.
  • Immunity to the 51% attack. As a POS-based coin, ATB Coin is virtually immune to this kind of attacks. Anyone willing to perform this type of attack should possess 25.5 million ATB coins, which is simply put both unrealistic and pointless.
  • The implementation of SegWit, ATB coin enjoys four times faster block creation speed than other cryptocurrencies that are not powered by SegWit.
  • Lighting Network Protocol allows ATB Coin to enjoy unbelievable fast transaction speed. LNP is a side-chain payment solution on top of the original blockchain and it is the key to fast and agile microtransactions within the ATB Coin network.
  • Low Transaction Fees thanks to POS algorithm. It is no rocket science that POW cryptocurrencies require a lot of hashing power in order to process transactions. ATB Coin is expected to have about ten times less transaction fees than any POW coin.
  • Smart Contracts are also possible thanks to the usage of Segregated Witness.

More on SegWit

Additional ATB Coin Features

  • Lightweight Wallet. There are two ATB Coin wallets to choose from and there is planned to be a wide array available in the future. ATB Coin wallets are lightweight, secure and are meant to be used on a daily basis. They also require less HDD space since they are based on a POS algorithm and do not require you to hold a full copy of the blockchain on your device.
  • Cloud Mining. You can mine ATB Coin passively by keeping your funds on the cloud. This is all that is needed for your wallet to be considered an active blockchain node. POS makes it almost impossible for mining monopoly to be created, since every node gets equal chances of getting the reward.

There are other positive features this new coin offers. We are talking about its architecture that grants protection against inflation and centralization, among others.


Let’s be honest – anyone can post a thread on Bitcointalk and announce a new ICO. The idea of replacing Bitcoin with something better was there since 2014, though for some reason no one was capable of doing that so far.

Why is ATB Coin different than other alternatives to Bitcoin? While only time will show what is ATB Coin capable of, there are several reasons why I am taking the time to review this ICO. Here are some of them:

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  • Detailed whitepaper. Personally I do not bother researching about ICOs that fail to provide a decent whitepaper. A serious team will always take the time to describe their project on a systematized manner.
  • Detailed plan. I also like the way ATB Coin wrote down the steps they plan to make and placed realistic milestones. Their goal might be ambitious, but their professional approach makes me think that they are actually capable of reaching it.
  • Team. The team behind ATB Coin is composed of highly-experienced professionals, led by Herbert W. Hoover III, a well-known investor, innovator and entrepreneur.

It is also worth mentioning that several important investors believe in ATB Coin. So far, about 6,100 people invested ATB 16,000,000 in ATB Coin.

Investing in ATB Coin

I invite you to do your own research and share your thoughts with the community here in the comment section. If you decide to invest in this project, there is a 10% discount until august 31st. Current prices are 1 ATB = 1.62 USD.

This will be the last discount, since the official launch of the blockchain will happen September 1st, 2017.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Cosmic Tino

    I rly start loving your reports 😀👍 shared 😉

  • Hannibal Smith

    Requoting company propaganda is not really a review. 😉 VISA does over 24,000 tps. No currently released blockchain is even remotely close except for HEAT Ledger at 20,000 tps. ATB Coin is no faster as it’s just Bitcoin source code copy and paste, so it will do 7-10 tps but scale a bit higher with more wallets online. ATB Coin is basically venture capital funded with slick marketing taking advantage of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s current congestion, but it really doesn’t offer anything technical-wise that any other coin doesn’t (the redemption codes may be unique). Will it be enough? It will be interesting to find out. I would put it in the flash-in-the-pan-dashed-hopes category vs pump-n-dump.

    • Alex

      THis is actually good info
      So you think that their claims of unlimited tps are fake? Wouldn’t that alone be reason to not trust them?

      • Hannibal Smith

        I don’t know where that claim came from, but it isn’t ATBcoin. Maybe someone conflated the Lightning Network with the actual blockchain?

        • Silvio Ambroggi

          so.. do you think it will be a great scam project??

  • Odina Uchiha

    everyone say ís scam coin on bitcointalk,I invested , no response , no fulfilled promises, no goals

    • Andrean Sanjaya

      Exactly! I invested 1 ETH to this coin too. Sadly 1stminingrig was the one who introduced me to ATB for very first time..

      • Odina Uchiha

        Same here,i know atbcoin from 1 stminingrig and i invested 4 eth,my friend 10 eth,…this coin look like scam better than onecoin?

        • Why you guys belive everything is written by random people on their bitcointalk thread ? Because someone want they 1 ETH back for some random reason, doesn’t mean that the project is scam. Maybe it may have its down sides. The still continue to advertise their project. Be patient. I also invested, you are not the only ones 🙂

          • JayB1742

            I invested as well but it isn’t looking good. I don’t see any results with mining turned on the past few days. Anyone know what the stake is or reward payout time?

          • JayB1742

            Has anyone got mining to work? I asked support for help here is their response which doesn’t seem to do anything: to get the mining you need to download the wallet on the site and keep it open.Click the Settings menu and click Start Mining . previously installed do not need to delete
            Now in order to mining you need to have coins on the balance sheet and your wallet should always be included
            The purse for the accrual of mining is selected randomly every time.
            The volume of mining depends on several variables, among which:
            1-Volume of a share on the balance sheet
            2-Sum of the shares of the whole network
            3-Complexity at the current stage of production
            4-Time purse online

          • Hannibal Smith

            I had one payout but that was it. When you don’t receive anything its typically a sign your wallet balance is not higher than the average staking balance. So unless you want to throw good money after bad…

          • JayB1742

            So approx how many coins do I need to cover the staking limit?

          • Hannibal Smith

            Don’t know. Check the explorer to calculate the average balance if they’ve provided it.

          • Odina Uchiha

            When you sell atbcoin pls lets me I know. I do not see anything new or a good future for this kind of atbcoin. I do not want to keep it longer than a year when its price keeps dropping.

  • Nighter3D

    I got some ATB. going to let it just sit there for a very long time. Problem with ICO investors is that many expect rapid returns with a coin taking the world by storm which is impossible.

    The coin seems to be doing ok in some capacity. Occassional news reports on recent development suggest it isn’t abandoned right at launch as some other coins and yeah if they can put that thoroughness with the whitepaper into gaining partners there may be hope yet.

    But that is all very long term. if they are indeed tenacious and willing to keep on going in a year or 2 the coin may be a something, but for now it is a rather weak coin, but hey: Risk is the name of the game!

    • We will have to wait and see 😛 🙂

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