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AMD Sapphire Mining RX 470 GPUs Confirmed – Crypto Mining GPU

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If you’ve been looking to purchase some RX 470s for your mining rig lately, you surely noticed the crazy price tags on those GPUs. Today I checked the prices again and the best deal I could find was 700 USD for one card. That’s crazy!

You probably know that the inflated price is due to the fact that AMD fails to satisfy the growing demand on mining GPUs. Cryptocoin mining is really profitable nowadays and it keeps attracting new people to the business. The norm for a GPU mining rig is between six and eight GPUs, with many people having multiple of those rigs at home. No wonder why miners emptied all shelves and stocks, leaving no GPUs to be purchased.

It is interesting how Sapphire reacted to the issue. Instead of manufacturing more classic RX 470s and 480s, they took the time to create a new branch of GPUs aimed for cryptomining.

RX 470 Mining Series

As for today, Sapphire issued five new GPU models that are meant to be used for mining alone.

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There are similarities and differences between the GPUs’:


  • All of the Mining series GPU feature no display ports. The GPUs are meant to be used for cryptomining only, thus display ports are not necessary.*
  • All GPU models have two high-diameter fans with dual-bearing mechanism. This is a great leap forward since it proved to be about 85% more durable and 10% more silent than the traditional sleeve bearing system, which is employed in most gaming GPUs. Mining GPU cards are supposed to work 24/7 non-stop, thus it was a good idea to make them more adapted to that schedule.*
  • Fan IC Control further improves fan performance and reduces noise levels by reducing the difference between their fan rotation cycles by 70%, compared to the traditional RX470.
  • Finally, all five models share one common downside, which is only one year of warranty period. The classic RX 470s come with two or even three year warranty, but not the mining series.

(*) With the Radeon RX 560 Pulse Mining being the exception here, as explained below


There are five GPU models, each of which differs in price and performance. They differ from each other according to these two criteria:

– Memory size (either 4 or 8 GB)

– Memory manufacturer, either Samsung (which is faster) or not.

The fifth model – the Radeon RX 560 Pulse Mining is, again, an exception here. I will explain it in a minute.

Sapphire RX 470 Mining 4GB
Power Draw: 122W
ETH Hashrate (base/overclocked): 23-26MH/s
Price: £299 (~ 393USD)

Sapphire RX 470 Mining 4GB (Samsung)

Power Draw: 122W
ETH Hashrate (base/overclocked): 24-27MH/s
Price: £289 (~ $ 381 USD)

Sapphire RX 470 Mining 8GB
Power Draw: 128W
ETH Hashrate (base/overclocked): 24-27MH/s
Price: £259 (~ $ 341 USD)

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Sapphire RX 470 Mining 8GB (Samsung)

Power Draw: 128W
ETH Hashrate (base/overclocked): 25-28MH/s
Price: £248 (~ $ 327 USD)


What About the Exception?

While the Radeon RX 560 Pulse Mining 4GB is not a black sheep of the family, it does differ a lot from the four GPUs mentioned earlier. Unlikely the RX470-based Mining GPUs, the RX 560 Pulse Mining does have a DVI output, which makes it somehow fit for gaming or other purposes other than mining. It also comes with only one fan instead of two. Other than that, here are the specs:

Radeon RX 560 Pulse MINING Edition 4GB
Power Draw: 60W
ETH Hashrate (base/ one year of warranty period overclocked): 12-16MH/S
Price: £169 (~ $ 223 USD)

60 W is ridiculously low power consumption, which might be great news for those of you who live in New York, Connecticut or other places where electricity costs a lot. The card is basically a Mining RX470 cut in half both power consumption- and hashrate-wise.

What is the Takeaway From this News?

Honestly, I wouldn’t expect those new Mining GPUs to be a step forward of any kind. In fact, they are some kind of downgrade, compared to their non-mining counterparts. However, the fact that they’re downgraded versions of the RX 470 gives them certain advantages. The absence of HDMI ports makes them less fit for gaming, which probably means that unlikely the RX470, Mining Sapphire RX 470s will be available for sale.

I really hope that those new GPUs will stabilize the market so both miners and gamers can have access to the GPUs they need at normal prices.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Nika Kandiashvili

    How to mine ethereum classic with sapphire pulse rx 550 on ethos?

  • RDL

    Too late. With dag size from 140/150 hashrate of this cards will going decrease.

    • Roderick Warren

      only if you mining ETH. There are other coins to mine.

  • Ian Alexander

    Would miners even purchase these considering the RRP is more expensive than the normal carda? Amazon are sellibg the normal RX 560 4GB for around £113 while the mining version is £169.

  • Saul

    These RX 470s don’t even have a DVI port, which is a stupid decision. How are people supposed to configure their rigs? Using CPU onboard graphics is a solution; however, it is only an option with Intel CPUs, plus using onboard graphics can potentially lead to issues while mining. Anyways these cards are hideously expensive.

    In U.S. Sapphire had a common sense to start selling RX 470s brown box versions ( and with only DVI ports and limited (180 day) warranty. I believe this to be a right approach, instead of having no display outputs at all.

  • Sebastian Sutherland

    Just ordered one of the Sapphire RX 470 Mining 4GB off of Amazon for my first mining rig, will post stats next week if people are interested!

  • Luis Liao

    Just ordered 50 of this new cards. The new mining edition cards are produced without the Display Port.
    Here is the spec for Sapphire RX 470 8gb Sku #11256-37

    • Battal

      Hi,, could you tell the hashrate of the 470,, and where i can purchase them ?

      • justin demayo

        I’m getting 21 mh/s unchanged bios. I’m stuck on the bios atm as the normal process doesn’t seem to be working right. Computer does not allow control over clocks either.

        • Alex Vilceloiu

          Did you get it working ? Is it finally modded?

          • justin demayo

            I’m using ethos. It lets me control the fan and OC memory. 23.8 mh s reported ethereum. Ethos is the way to go. No bios mod

          • Dennis

            29 mh/s w10 blockchain driver

    • Hey @luisliao:disqus, have you received them ?

    • Fran Francisco

      I received 60 of those a week ago.. 26,800MH/s was the most I could get from it so far but not stable yet. Silent bios flashed from 1750 to 2250, new BETA driver for blockchain, mclock 2150 (anything over crashes) gpu clk 1150. I’m using claymore over simpleming now, but I spent 2 days fighting over windows10. Let me know if you have any luck.

      • Dennis

        I push them till 29.5 80w
        Which memory do you have?
        I have hynix

  • Brice Fleckenstein

    Sapphire also has at least one RX470 model with a single DVI port – but they closed in the rest of the spots on the plate that used to have display outputs as opposed to opening the plate up which means it runs 2-3 degrees hotter than it could have.
    Card works identical to the RX470 4GB Nitro it’s based on.
    I got mine from NewEgg a couple weeks back.

    SKU is 11256-31-21G

  • Dennis

    Hello guys,
    I got few of them whit no output at all.
    Anyway is there any chance to flash the bios of those card?
    Amd program give me this error , anyone can help me.

  • Luka Centa – mamaMicka

    Hi Ciprian…
    You are from Europe if I am right…
    Have you any info where to get AMD cards or any cards for normal money?
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes, i am from Europe.. here prices went a bit down… you interested mining edition gpus ?

      • Luka Centa – mamaMicka

        Actualy it doesen matter. If market will be hit with milions used GPUs you wont sale none…
        So yea. I found some mining gpus but prices are insane. 400e is to much.

  • adrian

    hi ciprian,

    any tips for 11256-38-10G to flash, what bios to use, nitro / nitro+, my target is 30+ ?

  • Kevin Catague

    I’m new to mining, have bought 1 of this card and finds it hard to overclock it, any suggestions?

    • Pașca Alexandru

      If you are going to blow your warranty the first day better mod the bios and forget about overclocking. No, don’t ask me how. Google is your friend.
      And when you’re done being new to mining get 50-100 cards. Then you’ll actually make an income. 😉

      p.s. better yet, get like 200 cards If you live somewhere the Internet costs 100 bucks a month.

      • Kevin Catague

        Hi, thanks foe the advise, will get more cards soon. You’re absolutely right, internet here is just around 30 bucks a month..

  • adrian

    help, help

    rx470 minig edition 8gb samsung, any tips for rom ?

    max 25 stable, only eth, win 10

    • Pașca Alexandru

      27.4ish with 2Ghz vram, left the gpu clock alone, took timings from 1.6Ghz to 2Ghz.

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    Any other online store where we could purchase AMD GPU’s besides from NEWEGG and AMAZON. Newegg is a lot cheaper compared to other online store in UK / US… Alibaba are also selling, but seems a lot of scammers

  • Stoica Vlad

    Just brough RX470 8GB Samsung Memory and haven`t been able to get past 24,4 mh/s mining etherum …

  • @ciprianpt:disqus, are the hashrates that you mention above is just for Ethereum? Are they will be different if we use the GPU for mining other cryptocurrencies?

    • yes for ethereum.. hashrate is different with every algorithm. i already reviewed the mining edition cards, you can find the articles in the search

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