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AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 – The New Mining Standard

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 Note: This article was updated according to newest reviews. The 70-100 MH/s hashrate per card is a myth. Thank you for pointing that out in the comment section. 

No matter whether you’re a miner or a gamer, you probably share the hype about the RX Vega series. Before the Vega FE came out, people were attributing quasi-divine powers to the new Vega line and consequently more than one enthusiast preordered the FE as soon as they were able to, even though it costs 1000 dollars.

Once gamers and miners alike were able to try the new Vega FE they quickly realized that those cards are only meant to be used in a graphic design office.

Consequently, the RX Vega became the last hope for gamers, since unlikely the FE, it was marketed as a gaming card from the beginning. As a miner, I was hyped about the RX too since gaming GPU’s are usually better miners than workstation ones.

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Is the RX Vega 64 a Gaming GPU?

The answer is probably no YES. There are mixed opinions on whether the GPU can be considered good for gaming. For instance, according to benchmarks from, the RX Vega is far from the best solution for gamers. It is lagging behind the MSI GTX 1080 TI Gaming X and its performance can be compared to the cheaper GTX 1080.

It looks like that the RX Vega 64 is far from being the gaming GPU of the year and AMD knows that. AMD probably first realized that when they started to test the new Vega architecture, so this might explain why they tried their GPU for Ethereum mining and shared the results with the mining community.

Now, according to several other sources, the Vega 64 is competing with the GTX 1080 Ti by lagging only a couple fps behind in most of the cases. Looks like the Vega 64 performs poor on certain benchmarks, which does not prevent it from running most modern games in high settings.

RX Vega 64 Mining Edition? Performance

It was confirmed by OCUK’s Gibbo that

Before reviewers could test the card on Ethereum mining, OCUK posted on his Gibbo that
“Seems the hash rate on VEGA is 70-100 Mh/s per card, which is insanely good.

Trying to devise some kind of plan so gamers can get them at MSRP without the miners wiping all the stock out within 5 minutes of product going live.”

70-100 MH/s per card is a lot, even for a GPU worth 700 dollars. This is between two and three times more than a GTX 1080 could ever hash. Add that to the fact that the Vega RX is got far from the best price/performance ratio for gaming and we get a card oriented for mining.

It looks like AMD was aiming to make a new-gen gaming GPU, but ended up creating a new-gen mining GPU almost by accident. Now that the company realized what is going on, they apparently decided to follow the flow and they literally invited miners to check this new GPU out.

It is obvious that not a lot of gamers will have the chance to enjoy the new RX Vega 64. Also, I wonder how many gamers would like to buy one of those GPU’s to begin with.

70-100 MH/s per card looks surreal and guess what – it is indeed a FAKE ESTIMATION. According to latest tests, the real hashrate we should expect from the RX  Vega 64 is between 30 and 34 MH/s. The best undervolting so far was 32.6 MH/s at 256 Watts.

All of this means that mining-wise we are probably dealing with an AMD version of the GTX 1080. The estimated price of the card is around 700 dollars, which makes it a bit more expensive than its Nvidia counterpart.

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In Conclusion

The RX Vega 64 looks rather promising, at the point that it might become a game changer for the Ethereum mining community. I look forward getting my hands on some of those new GPUs as soon as they become available for preorder. AMD sent dozens of those cards to reviewers, so expect a load of real feedback this Monday.

The RX Vega 64 might be great for gaming, but it is slightly lagging behind as a mining GPU. This also means that we should not worry about the RX Vega 64 being a difficulty bomb. Those of us who own RX 400/500 cards can keep mining in peace. There is an unofficial driver release for Polaris-based GPUs that allow them to hash a bit better. I have installed the driver on my rigs and I can confirm that it works as intended. You can check it here.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Hannibal Smith

    Looks like a savings of $139-$498 over 3x 480’s or 3x 1070’s which it seems equivalent to. Nice, but game changing? It more like just kept pace with the difficulty increases that made the latter cards sucky. No fresh big bite out of the apple.

  • samuel samho

    people will start selling those shortage GPU (RX480/580, 1070) to buy RX vega for sure

  • Saul

    When will these cards be available in US? Is it possible to get them next week?

  • Jason Dela Cruz

    release tomorrow? and when will this be avaible in the market?

  • Michael

    I am quite new to mining so this question may be a bit basic: will it be better to get water cooled RX Vega 64 for mining (over RX 64 air cooled), taking into account much bigger power requirements of the water cooled variant?

    • Cergorach

      Keep in mind that the Liquid version is higher clocked, so needs to be cooled more. Don’t know how this will work with mining, but I suspect that you’ll want to customize the settings and don’t run 6-12 VEGA 64 Liquid at full power. Not only will that generate a LOT of noise and Warmth, chances are that you’ll have your local constable at the door with questions about weed growing… 😉

      • Michael

        LOL. There is indeed a lot of criticism about this card as far as noise and power draw is concerned. It is definitely not recommended for gaming

    • John Pombrio
  • Dennis Dahl

    Where do you get your information from? Your numbers seems absolutely ridiculous.

    Now that the NDA is release (Today!) the reviews are out.

    Vega 64 = 30 MH/s
    – Source:,5173-16.html

    And read the games. It’s absolutely smashing the GTX 1080. Actually competing with the 1080 Ti.

    BF1 (DX12), 1440p, Ultra, average fps:
    – GTX 1080 Ti = 103,5
    – Vega 64 = 98,8
    – GTX 1080 = 85,8

    Doom (Vulkan), 1440p, Ultra, average fps:
    – GTX 1080 Ti = 173,9
    – Vega 64 = 144,4
    – GTX 1080 = 131,5

    The Division (DX12), 1440p, average fps:
    – GTX 1080 Ti = 96
    – Vega 64 = 79,7
    – GTX 1080 = 70,7

    As soon as the word hits the street that Vega 64 is terrible for mining, prices will stay at the MSRP, and miners will stay with their old cards.

    It’s a shame really, because I was going to get Vega 56 or 64 for both gaming PC’s in the house, and have them make up their own price. Guess that will take twice as long as I hoped!

  • John Pombrio
  • Saul

    See this post:

    Current estimate is Vega 64: 34.4 MH/s and Vega 56: 32.4 MH/s

    Looks like OCUK’s Gibbo was bullshitting or even worse outright lying to generate more sales through their site.

    Cyprian: you got to blacklist OCUK as a reliable source! They are way-off in their estimate.

    • Hey, thanks.. i am about to update this post.

  • Willy Iglesias

    so the real mining power of vega rx 64 is on the 70s or on the 30s? Would you get Vega or 1070s? or a lot of 1060s?

    • Hannibal Smith

      I’d wait and see how the Volta does. It is bound to kill prices if it is a true next gen card unlike Vega.

      One wonders if AMD intentionally crippled it for mining so there would’t be shortages.

  • First Last

    Waited a year reading the hype. Have a i7 5820K with 4k 40″ monitor with r9 290. Everything runs 4k great. But wanted to replace but not interested. The 1080 is outrageously priced. In 2014 got open boxed r9 290 for CND$260. No reason to pay these outrageous prices for not much better performance, not with better tech just ahead. Disappointed as did really want to buy 4k upgrade.

  • electriceyes

    Hey 1st Mining Rig,

    You might want to consider amending this article because it was not a game changer. Even AMD investors said this ahead of release knowing that this platform would not appeal to gamers nor miners due to both power, heat and expenses in manufacturing. You can check out other investors who all said the same.

    Might I add I was building a quad CrossFire system and gave up on Vega based on this, now I have 1070’s instead (and only if the developer supports it will SLI be supported on all four GPU). With PoW becoming more wasteful and PoS/PoT for others ahead – Vega is simply a crutch for AMD right now and nothing short of a stop gap to keep money flowing. Frankly, I was disappointed too.

  • Jell

    I purchased a RX Vega 64 (standard air cooled) didn’t have chance to do anything with it until today. With the standard driver i was getting 31-31Mh/s on Claymore 9.8 ETH only using nanopool.

    I have switched to the new AMD Beta driver, i was getting 34Mhs but leaving the fan on auto the temps go through the roof, once it gets near 70 Deg C it would slow down.

    Using WattMan, ive underclocked the CPU, undervolted the CPU, overclocked the Memory and undervolted the memory. I have also switched the fan profile to manual, Minimum 75% and Target 100%.

    Its been running ETH only for about 3 hours now, im getting steady 43.3 – 43.4 Temp is steady at 63 Deg C

    Sadly at the wall my idle usage goes from 70w up to 350w when mining and i wont talk about the fan noise.

    • Hey @disqus_4MoDVu8NNL:disqus , can we do a teamviewer session so i can test it too? I did not received my sample yet 🙁 , thanks!

      • Jell

        Sure, I’ve sent you my contact details via your support request form

  • xcerty


  • super thanks

    Heck I currently get that rate out of a low tier nvidia 1070! lol I knew it. All hype.

  • Heler

    Vega 64 can reach 40 mh/s when properly tweaked just look for it on reddit .

  • Falgas

    I have 3 RX VEGA 64: 2 MSI + 1 Gigabyte
    Each card can jump to 44 Mh/s on UBIQ but all run stable at 41 Mh/s.

    CPU + Motherboard + RAM + 3 RX = 580 watts for 123 Mh/s

    Settings Mr Wattman:
    Core: 1002
    Mem: 1040
    Fans: 2500 – 4500
    Power: -40 !
    T = 85 – 75



    good job for update the post

  • LightningJimmy

    Can you do a Vega Monero mining tutorial anytime soon? I’ve seen reports of Vega 56s doing 1900 H/s which results in $1300 in profit (not including power costs)

    • i will have one soon 🙂

      • Nuno

        Hi @ciprianpt:disqus

        Do you still plan to do an article about the Vega, mining Monero? I’ve seen crazy reports going about 1800+ H/s

        Also, I never mined Electroneum, but with that Hashrate it’s pointing to the 370USD per month…

        I would love to get feedback from a reliable source.



    we are running 6 card Sapphire Vega 64 @ 4 rigs each card @ ~ 43.7 MHS ETC and ETH @ GPU 900 – Mem 1100 – Power -24% – Fan ca. 2000 and hold the Temp. @ 60°C @ 131Watt each card. currently AMD Drivers 7.11.1 on a Win10 x64 System.
    For me (us) are the vega64 cards was the best choice 😉

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