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AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB ZCash Mining rig 520H/s, 800H/s, 1300H/s to 1550H/s

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I just switched my latest Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB to ZCash rig to mine ZCash, as i said in one of my post that you should consider to switch to ZCash because it is very profitable, for now.

ethOS released an update with silentarmy miner that will increase your hashing speed twice faster, read more here

Curious about the results? Check this 2 screenshots, one is with the profit while mining Etherem (ETH) and the second one is for ZCash (ZEC)

So if you decide to upgrade your ethOS to mine ZCash at full speed follow the instructions in this tutorial

Here is my configuration file:

maxgputemp 85
stratumproxy enabled
proxywallet yourwalletkey
flags –cl-global-work 16384 –farm-recheck 200
globalpowertune 4
globaldriver amdgpu
custompanel mypanemypass
autoreboot true

globalminer zcash-miner

mem rigid 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
fan rigidย  35 35 35 35 35 35

You can try mem to 2225 but mine wasn’t that stable there so i wen down a bit.

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And Screenshots:

Total 523.9 sol/s [dev0 84.7, dev1 89.7, dev2 87.5, dev3 91.2, dev4 82.0, dev5 91.3] 3583 shares
Total 522.4 sol/s [dev0 82.3, dev1 89.8, dev2 85.8, dev3 88.8, dev4 83.3, dev5 89.1] 3584 shares
Total 528.2 sol/s [dev0 81.6, dev1 89.8, dev2 85.1, dev3 91.0, dev4 87.2, dev5 86.4] 3584 shares
Total 530.2 sol/s [dev0 79.6, dev1 88.0, dev2 81.7, dev3 89.6, dev4 87.0, dev5 87.2] 3585 shares
Total 528.2 sol/s [dev0 78.2, dev1 91.5, dev2 85.7, dev3 89.4, dev4 87.1, dev5 89.6] 3585 shares
Total 527.8 sol/s [dev0 79.0, dev1 89.6, dev2 86.4, dev3 93.7, dev4 88.6, dev5 89.4] 3585 shares
Total 525.5 sol/s [dev0 82.9, dev1 89.3, dev2 83.5, dev3 90.9, dev4 91.8, dev5 88.1] 3585 shares
Total 522.8 sol/s [dev0 82.7, dev1 86.1, dev2 82.3, dev3 89.4, dev4 94.2, dev5 89.7] 3586 shares
Total 518.4 sol/s [dev0 79.9, dev1 85.8, dev2 81.1, dev3 85.1, dev4 91.0, dev5 90.5] 3589 shares
Total 518.5 sol/s [dev0 80.7, dev1 83.5, dev2 81.3, dev3 86.5, dev4 90.5, dev5 89.8] 3589 shares
Total 517.8 sol/s [dev0 79.9, dev1 81.6, dev2 82.0, dev3 88.1, dev4 90.9, dev5 86.9] 3590 shares

Good luck!

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UPDATE: November 19, 2016

New ethOS update, increase your 480s rig with 180+ H/s per GPU! Around 780 H/s – 800 H/s per 6x rig.

  1. Update ethOS by typing this command in terminal: sudo repair-ethos-update && sudo ethos-update && sleep 5 && r
  2. Access “nano local.conf
  3. Replace “globalminer zcash-miner” with “globalminer optiminer-zcash
  4. reboot
  5. That’s it!

UPDATE: January 8, 2017

Update now to the latest ethOS version 1.1.8, this will increase hashing power from 800 H/s to 1300+ H/s.

Also there was a major change, they have added claymore as global miner, after the update you can replace โ€œglobalminer optiminer-zcashโ€ with โ€œglobalminer claymore-zcashโ€

  1. Update ethOS by typing this command in terminal: sudo repair-ethos-update && sudo ethos-update && sleep 5 && r
  2. Access โ€œnano local.confโ€œ
  3. Replace โ€œglobalminer optiminer-zcashโ€ with โ€œglobalminer claymore-zcashโ€œ
  4. reboot
  5. Thatโ€™s it!

UPDATE: January 25, 2017

New with ethOS 1.1.9:

  1. Updated claymore-zcash to 11.1, resulting in faster zcash hashrates
  2. Updated optiminer-zcash to 1.4.0, resulting in faster zcash hashrates
  3. Updated sgminer to 5.5.5, resulting in better stability for XMR mining

To update to the latest version type in terminal the following command: “sudo repair-ethos-update && sudo ethos-update && sleep 5 && r

Ill recommend to use Claymore miner, i had the best results with it from all of my tests.

Previous hashrate: 1,300 H/s

Current hashrate: 1,550-+ H/s

You will get somewhere around 255 – 275 , depends what manufacturer you have!

i will be back with more details soon.

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Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • Gary Woodward Jr

    I updated my ethOS distro to mine zcash but one or two of my cards will start hashing and then after about 10 minutes the average drops to zero.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Gary,

      What cards you have? Have you overclocked? try with stock settings first..

      • Gary Woodward Jr

        2 MSI RX 480 8GB Armor OC
        2 XFX RX 480 8GB XXX
        Was worse at stock level. The only thing that kept 2 cards up was the line globalmem 2150

        • Hmm.. Maybe there is a riser problem ? Is one particular card that keeps crashing every time ?

          As you can see i was able to overclock to maximum 2200 (on ETH), but there was one card (4th) that was unstable as hell, i fixed it by changing the mem to 2100, now i have:

          mem 89d8ee 2200 2200 2200 2100 2200 2200

          mem 89d8ee 2225 2225 2225 2225 2225 2225

          I recommend you to test it again with stock settings and if crashes again try different risers. If stable try increasing the mem ONLY to 2100, if stable for 6 hours then try 2150, 2200,2250 etc.. (if a card is crashing lower mem for that card only,if you have a mem 2150 to all cards then change back to 2100 for the failure card only)

          What MB,PSU do you have?

  • Yehti

    Any update on this just looking for how many hashs a rx 480 gets as of now

    • Hi, one RX 480 can have 300 – 350 h/s, depends on overclock and if modded bios.

      • Yehti

        Really that’s it cause my asus r9 280x get 299/h mining Zcash

        • Yes, and after a quick research an RX 480 8Gb can hit

        • Acรกcio Da Rosa Florentino

          R9 280x isn’t as efficient (watts per hashes) as the RX 480, though.

  • macurasoft

    Hi, very helpfull your site!
    Is there any difference in terms of hash rate between rx 480 8G and 4G?

    • Hi, yes it can be a difference but minimal..

  • Dean Dighe

    Awesome! Thank you for the guide!

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