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AMD GPU Shortage Solved by New Nvidia GPUs for Mining?

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If you are assembling a mining rig these days, you will probably agree that it became hard to find GPU’s for mining. AMD seems to have issues to fulfill the growing demand on their RX 4xx and 5xx cards, while the demand keeps growing. The demand on mining GPUs was caused by the recent boom of Ethereum mining profitability.

Besides that, there are rumors that the shortage of GPUs is caused by AMD inner issues. Others speculate that AMD is getting ready to release their new-gen GPUs and therefore are cutting on the production of the actual ones. They did something similar when releasing the new RX 570 and RX 580 cards.

However, one thing is certain – AMD won’t be replenishing the shelves anytime soon. If you can get your hands on a set of RX 4xx or 5xx, then it might be a good idea to do that. Those are still on sale, though most merchants raised the price tag considerably because of the high demand on the cards.

Nvidia Saves the Day

However, there is some good new for those of us who are looking to assemble a new mining rig. According to several trusted sources, Nvidia is about to release a new kind of GPUs that is meant for mining.

If all goes as planned, Nvidia will release the new GP106-100 GPU the June 23rd.


Why Nvidia, though?

Many users want to be optimistic about the new GPU series, but they are not sure whether they can trust Nvidia. The reason is simple – Nvidia GPUs are great for gaming, but they’re not a great ROI for mining. Their GDDR5X memory is faster and has wider bandwidth, but it also features less aggressive timing which makes Nvidia last-gen cards perform poorly with Ethereum, compared to their AMD counterparts.

However, this issue is due to the fact that Nvidia never aimed to serve the mining community. Now that AMD experiences production issues, Nvidia is releasing a GPU in attempt to satisfy the growing need in cards for Ethereum mining.

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According to several sources, the GP106-100 GPU will cost under 150$. Performance-wise, it is expected to output 26.5 MHs for Ethereum, 550 H/s for Monero and 312.5 Sol/s for ZCash. While there are other Nvidia alternatives to mine Monero and ZCash (such as the GTX 1060), the ETH hashrate is surprisingly high, considering the estimated low cost of the GPU.

The new GPU is meant for mining only, which means that it does not include any display ports whatsoever, as well as it does not support anything other than mining algorithms. One can say that the GP106-100 GPU is some sort of ASIC for mining.

What About the Cons?

The GP106-100 GPU has two drawbacks. The first one is that the card comes with only 90 days of warranty. While it is indeed an important drawback, it is not so bad since the card has a ROI of only one month (considering today’s ETH price and mining difficulty, as well as the GPU’s estimated price of $150).

The second and most important drawback is that the card will be probably available only to big mining farms. Nvidia plans to sell the GP106-100 GPU in large bulks, which cannot be afforded by the average home miner. However, I speculate that the mining community will find a way around that issue eventually. Also, if the GP106-100 GPU will deliver good sales to Nvidia, the company might re-consider their relations with the mining community and release home mining-oriented GPUs in the near future.

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In Conclusion

I remain optimistic about the situation with mining GPUs. I believe that while there is demand, companies will always a way to fulfill it. Same thing happened with mining motherboards. As soon as AsRock failed to fulfill the demand on their mining-oriented AsRock Pro BTC, BioStar took the lead and released two new MoBos so people could keep building their mining rigs.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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  • akashefi12

    Wow man! This is amazing news!!! This has got me very very excited.. I wonder what is big bulk orders?? Would 28 cards be bulk enough or does it need to be like 1000???

    I hope I can get my hands on a few! Thanks for the pst bro!

    • Michael VK

      I have seen sell posts for those cards and it was indeed the latter amount, so sell your house, move into a garage and have an order filled :-p

  • Brice Fleckenstein

    Very few if any miners are going to be interested in a GTX 1060 based mining card, unless they get the price WAY down. The density factor is way too low, miners prefer higher density so they don’t have to manage a lot more rigs.

    Also, the ETH hashrate listed makes ZERO sense for a 1060 based card, unless they do some MAJOR upgrade to the memory interface – it’s a TON higher than any current GTX 1060 model can manage.

    I did see ONE site rumouring a potential GTX 1080 based “mining card”, THAT would generate some interest – though a GTX 1070 based mining card would generate more since the 1070 is the “sweet spot” for ETH mining on NVidia, the 1080 and 1080ti do have interest due to good ZEC mining ability and also good at some small-cap coins.

  • wishxy

    Power consumption?

    • Cergorach

      ^ Pretty much this! ^

      How can you say anything about ROI if you don’t know the power consumption of the thing? While it is passively cooled on the card itself, the case does need to be heavily ventilated with fans.

      Also, if this $150 becomes a good alternative to miners, expect difficulty to spike and seriously impact the returns on investment, we’re not even talking about the price fall of the last two days.

      I’m curious if these cards will dual mine well, the RX 5xx series does that very well.

      As others mentioned, the resale value of the GP106-100 is pretty much zero. If people are still making money on the crypto coins, there’s little reason to sell the cards. If your not making money, neither is almost no one else, so there’s very little demand for a card that has no value outside of mining. I’ve heard it’s not even good for video rendering, no idea how good that source is though…

      Anyone with a RX470/480 or a RX570/580 won’t touch this card to replace their existing cards that perform better per PCI-E slot then this GP106-100. So no real replacing current cards imho, just adding more machines at lof prices and high hashing power that’ll drive up difficulty, lowering returns, etc.

      I personally see this as a very bad thing for the mining community, because the small miners will get hit with this the biggest… I just hope that when these things flood the market, folks will be able to make their ROI in 90 days…

      • Power consumption isn’t really relevant for that specific GPU. The
        actual expected ROI is 2 months. Say, the power consumption will be a
        wooping 300W of the wall (which is a lot), but say it
        is 300W. Even then, the ROI gets from 2 months to 3 months. I mean, at
        this point, power consumption matters little, in my opinion.

        The power consumption could be around 150w max.

        Same thing about re-selling it – the GP106-100 is meant to be a quick
        buck mining GPU. You are right that RX 4xx and 5xx can be re-sold to
        gamers, but it is also important to remember that games evolve too. In
        one or two years, the price of the RX 4xx and 5xx might be one fifth of
        what they cost today..

  • Kiril Zaharinov

    Is it possible to use graphical cards from a pro, for example Nvidia Quadro

    • Jordan Terziev

      No not really they are too expensive, sadly. No way to cheat the system at this point.

  • Bart

    One big con not mentioned here is that with standard GPU mining, you can always try to sell your used GPU and you will have many potential buyers (users/gamers/miners). With this mining-only card your option to re-sell used card is pretty much limited to miners who with such low price will probably end up buying new ones, so your used card will be worth 0

  • Christopher Aaron Brownlee


  • Yuchen Feng

    Hi Ciprian,
    I have an important question about the dag. I heard that the mining rate for amd cards will drop significantly after dag 129 and later on, is this true?

  • forget about Nvidia, there is mining card from AMD and Asus that too, old golden horse 470: ASUS Mining RX 470 is designed for coin mining with high-efficiency components – delivering maximum hash-rate production at minimum cost:

  • Denis Baranov

    pretty fine article, just a suggestion… you need to use smth like “on-line calc”… let me explain what i mean: I’m reading this in a couple of month and the statistic doesn’t look “true” – profit is changed… suggestion to dev/BA Team of this portal – integration with smth like “cryptocompare” and etc will save time/money/efforts of the beginners and etc. 🙂 other words – improve usability to improve attendance and seniority of this portal. (sounds like business idea)… just IMHO…

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